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Fri 6/15/2007 | 10:44 pm
  well that was anticlimatic. kinda. especially since vicky doesn't know how to take pictures.  


Thu 6/14/2007 | 8:47 pm
  school's out.
norton's antivirus is lagging like a bitch.
but whatever. so high school's come to an end. i hate how some people, who i'm not gonna name, thought of high school as a simple, stupid stepping stone to something greater and better. granted, high school is a stepping stone, but it is so much more than a stepping stone. holy shit. to do that is to waste four years of one's life, four years of adolescence, that growing stage that we all need, when we metamorphosize [sic, but WHATEVER, fuck it grammar nazis] from immature pimply teens to young adults.
these four years i've learned so much, so much encoded in the brain.
what's more amazing is all the more that i will learn in college. it's just sad that i only started preparing my brain to learn, to take in new information first before i question them later, so that i have an open mind, only starting in the past few years. how much stuff did i miss? but whatever. what's done is done.

never forget. it is remembrance that keeps us immortal. remembrance kept caesar immortal.

no regrets. no looking back. let's carve a new territory out there for us to conquer.

gah dammit. too many restarts, too many starts and stops. my post is hella bad, but i don't care anymore. fuck you norton.

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Wed 6/13/2007 | 7:59 pm
happy to be home.
it's just a bit sad that MSJ didn't get a bronze medal this year. but whatever. medals aside, i learned so much from camp, not just about biology, but about everything else in general too. all these information are gonna be useful. i'll save the analyses for another day. no point anyway. what's done is done, including biology. let's see what comp sci has in store for me.


Tue 6/12/2007 | 9:15 pm
mood: blank
no medal.

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Tue 6/12/2007 | 12:28 pm
  i hope so. theoretical is a lot easier for me than the practical. and it's multiple choice too. since i totally bombed part C of semifinals, i had to have a really good part A+B score, and that's gonna carry over to my theoretical exam. i hope so. at least there weren't too many questions that totally stumped me, but there were a few. let's hope for the best.  


totally owned- practical exam   
Mon 6/11/2007 | 7:37 pm
  woke up and locked myself out of my room
finally got back into my room--ant infestation. stupid me for leaving doritos open.
but got raped on the cell bio. whoops, never got to electro gel phoresis because i never read the directions properly, went through four pipettings when i only needed one, and four bottles of e.coli filled to the brim when i only needed 1 ml. fuck. double fuck: i didn't finish that.
triple fuck: nobody told me i had to put on goggles when dissecting. also, screwed up on histology and creating a dichotomy key because i went too detailed. fuckity fuck fuck. my strengths became my weakness.

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Sat 6/9/2007 | 5:02 pm
  boring lectures are boring. omg. lol whtf did i expect.
so ya. internships = important.
aldosterone is activated my many different hormones in the kidney.
280 vs 260 vs 255.
ghost ride it hey hey! finally those USABO people learn something new ;P


Fri 6/8/2007 | 9:39 pm
  i hate doing laundry. but my pants button popped so i have to do laundry. grrrr.  


Thu 6/7/2007 | 8:20 am
  i need bigger speakers on this laptop. :)  


Tue 6/5/2007 | 9:34 pm
  introducing bay area music to usabo people is really tough. they just don't get it. it's pretty sad :(  

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Tue 6/5/2007 | 12:15 am
  all that payette plant shit pays off...50 pages of plant packet to read, and i understand 80% of it ;P  


Sun 6/3/2007 | 5:41 pm
  knowledge you gain will never be lost.
it will never be useless, not something for you to forget after a test.
knowledge is something that should stay with you for the rest of your life, a tool on your tool belt that you will never consciously realize that you use, that you will use all the time.
i've told myself this so many times, over and over again, that it has become truth to me. truth does not come from being true. truth comes from repetition. but it is true.
never live as if you've wasted your life. there's no such thing. every moment is precious, every moment is chock full of memories too unique to be wasted.

there's nothing i hate more than hearing people say "what did we learn this for?" "now that the test is over, i can forget all that i've learned," and shit like that. it just ticks me off.

whatev. dinner. i'm gonna go eat and then return.


Sat 6/2/2007 | 5:15 am
  no hot shower...what the hell is this living hell?
an internet connection that takes 30 minutes to set up and costs 25 dollars when, if i walk 300 feet away into another building i get wifi for free...wtf?
i have an apple sitting on my desk right now. actually i have two desks, one for all my textbooks, one for my laptop and every other piece of shit you can imagine, and, o yeah, a pirate sword.

but i digress.
one new campbell
one new campbell study guide
one ti-89ti to replace my broken one

hell, i just broke even if i spent all $300 i have with me. i love USABO camp. okay, no. the living quarters are crap, and most people here are ugly with a lot of pimples. but whatever, i'm vain stupid and ugly.

o ya, just curious, did they mention my name at the awards ceremony?

o yeah, has anyone heard of something called a nimea worm? it's attempted to attack me 5 times in the past minute. let's hope it doesn't succeed.
i almost lost my keys and my mealcard on the first day here too. amazing.

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Wed 5/30/2007 | 7:48 pm
  i wonder if itunes 7.2 is stable. i'm gonna wait before i download it for sure.
o ya, i heard there's a fire at MSJ. can someone give me details on that?

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Mon 5/28/2007 | 7:46 pm
  slow news day eh?
ya waiting. just waiting. meh.

seize the day and never let go. i should've done that a long time ago, when i didn't waste time by thinking, what the hell, there's always another day, high school will never end.
what the hell. this is no time for a someone should've told me moment. it's a why didn't i listen.

i know this sounds really spoiled, but suddenly i don't look forward to wasting two weeks at USABO camp. what the hell. why didn't i cram campbell last year and get in and have fun, why does it have to be my senior year, when every minute of school left is so special, so precious for me?

what's there to care for?