Johnny Hwang (lone_ph03nixx) wrote,
Johnny Hwang

knowledge you gain will never be lost.
it will never be useless, not something for you to forget after a test.
knowledge is something that should stay with you for the rest of your life, a tool on your tool belt that you will never consciously realize that you use, that you will use all the time.
i've told myself this so many times, over and over again, that it has become truth to me. truth does not come from being true. truth comes from repetition. but it is true.
never live as if you've wasted your life. there's no such thing. every moment is precious, every moment is chock full of memories too unique to be wasted.

there's nothing i hate more than hearing people say "what did we learn this for?" "now that the test is over, i can forget all that i've learned," and shit like that. it just ticks me off.

whatev. dinner. i'm gonna go eat and then return.
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