Johnny Hwang (lone_ph03nixx) wrote,
Johnny Hwang

school's out.
norton's antivirus is lagging like a bitch.
but whatever. so high school's come to an end. i hate how some people, who i'm not gonna name, thought of high school as a simple, stupid stepping stone to something greater and better. granted, high school is a stepping stone, but it is so much more than a stepping stone. holy shit. to do that is to waste four years of one's life, four years of adolescence, that growing stage that we all need, when we metamorphosize [sic, but WHATEVER, fuck it grammar nazis] from immature pimply teens to young adults.
these four years i've learned so much, so much encoded in the brain.
what's more amazing is all the more that i will learn in college. it's just sad that i only started preparing my brain to learn, to take in new information first before i question them later, so that i have an open mind, only starting in the past few years. how much stuff did i miss? but whatever. what's done is done.

never forget. it is remembrance that keeps us immortal. remembrance kept caesar immortal.

no regrets. no looking back. let's carve a new territory out there for us to conquer.

gah dammit. too many restarts, too many starts and stops. my post is hella bad, but i don't care anymore. fuck you norton.
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